2018 Graduation Photos

2018 Graduation Photos
Posted on 05/30/2018

The time has come at last. Four years at Glades Central High School comes and goes in a blink of an eye.  This senior cohort of 245 has gone above and beyond in defining what our Principal challenged all of them four years ago, and that is ¨Building a Brand¨.  It is the 152 students that made it into the Principal's ¨A¨ Team, 93 students graduating today with an Industry Certificate as well as 63 completing the CHOICE programs.  They challenged each other and became the first class to have 19 students early admit into Palm Beach State College, the highest thus far. These students have built their success at Glades Central High School. The road ahead for many leads to college or vocational school, but for some, they will step straight into the workforce. No matter what road they may take, they can do so knowing that they have the tools they need to succeed because they have spent the last four years ¨Building a Brand¨ here at Glades Central Community High School.